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Localization / translation
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I would like to know if Course Lab translation would be possibly. Our company would like to use Course Lab in our scientific projects. Localization to polish language would be a great help.

We are willing to provide and contribute the translation of Course Lab, if that's possible. We would need a file with all text and labels used in Course Lab.

Please let me know, what do you thnk about that idea. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Kacper Zdanowicz
As far as I know there isn't a localisation file as such, I think the language is hard coded into the app.
There is a russian language version, possibly the original in terms of language.
I think that a version that localises is planned but when that will come out is anyones guess.
You'll have to wait for Slav or one of the dev team to answer if they'd be prepared to make a Polish language version.
However the vast majority of components are configurable so can have the english components changed to Polish. If you made a few generic templates with most of this done on existing pages then you'd just need to add content.
Hi Nick,
thanks for the fast answer. Maybe if there is a Russian version available, it's not that difficult to translate the program. Well, as you say, I'll wait for a more detailed comment from the dev team.

I'm aware that the components are configurable and I can create my templates and scenarios. However in our project, Course Lab will be used by non-IT people (doctors) to create courses. Therefore, we wanted to make it as easy for them as possible, since they don't have experience and intuition in using such applications. It would be a great help, if the app was in native language.
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