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Error message
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I am receiving this error message from my LMS (SLK)when I reach to a certain Test slide:


Processing Error

Could not set one or more values as requested.

More information:

The value (<SCO><visits>030d0e120T0U0V0W0X0Y0Z1011</visits><objects/><objectives><o id=\"total\" desc=\"This is...) is not a valid value for the cmi.suspend_data element. The data was not updated. More information: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value


SLK isn't very well documented, and an error code like this isn't a great help. Remember it has no offical support from M$. As this is an extension of sharepoint you should be looking at the error logs.
I'd start off by looking at the windows event log (at the host server) for more details that it has some pretty helpful information there. Open up Event Viewer and look through the Application Logs for any SharePoint related events, that might help you figure out what is happening.
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