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Changing value 0 to -1
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In CourseLab, when a student completes a course, the questions under SCORM 1.2 for LMS shows the correct score as 4 questions correct out of 10. When the student gets all wrong, the LMS reports 0 out of 10.
But when the student does not answer any questions at all, the LMS still reports 0 out of 10. Is there a way to set a variable so that when an unanswered question is submitted, its value is -1 or null.

The way that SCORM works is to give you a score from 0 to xxx. If you were able to give a negative score then with 10 questions answering 5 correct and 5 wronf would give a score of 0. A bit tough if you've said the pass score is 50%.
You probably want to set the other variables you can use like success.
Look at the rutime settings, you'll probably find what you want there.
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