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Greetings All,

Is it possible to score a textbox question? If so how?

Thank you so much!

By a 'textbox' I take it you mean a form text input box.
The answer is yes all you have to do is compare the text input using some if statements to the correct answer then increment then if there is a match add to the score through an action BUT
and the buts are very important here.
Say the answer is dog, if you define the answer as 'dog' then there are a few options that can appear in the answer:
All of answers spell dog but as the way it is checked is by a literal comparison then all of the above will be wrong when compaired to your defined answer of dog. So you'd need to check against all of the possible variations. So as the answer length increases the routine to compare the quastion and answer becomes unmanagable very quickly.
So the answer is YES but it is difficult to set up and even worse to manage.
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