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Publish CourseLab files to Word documents
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Is there a way to publish CourseLab files to Microsoft word or another word processing software. How is spell check performed in Courselab?
I assume some managers refuse to have a look at the draft (or not so draft) product and want a printed copy?
Or is it to have a handout for the students?

They wouldn't feel any kind of interaction, propose to fill the course with more and more information until it's more kind of an e-book than a e-learning.

Technically you could open CL and copy/paste every page to a page in your document. Or print it to a pdf.
I think a book is a different medium than e-learning.

Sorry to be so negative about it.[;)]
In order..
Publish to a word processor, that'll be a no. Paper based or text processor based e-learning rather looses the plot.
You can just grab the screen or window and drop it into a document type file.
If you have camtasia you can run the module and capture it into a pdf which is the route I would follow.
Word is too generic and M$ rtfs are often problematic.
Spell checking, as I make the content outside of courselab then import it so I have more flexibility in the reusable front I spell check it there.
At the moment the text editor doesn't have any spell checking options but it could, it just need adding.
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