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Scoring tutorial
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First let me say, I'm loving this program. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

Now can someone point me to a simple tutorial on how to get CourseLab to score the results of a test? I would like it to give a passing score of 80%+ and then take the user to print/download a pdf certificate. Anything less than 80% takes them back to the begining of the course for 1 repeat. [:cool:]

PS: the final product will be scormed to Moodle if that makes a difference.
I'd use the moodle certificate extension so that the certificate issue is tracked on the LMS itself. This also means that obtaining a replacement is easier than having the user repeat the module.
Else use a small bit of script, check the total score against your criteria, if its -79% jump back to page 1, if 80+% go to the next page which is the certificate.
Thanks for the reply. Does using the certificate extension mean I should configure the test itself in the LMS? I did the Q&A in CourseLab but it does not track the results in Moodle. I imported everything as SCORM 1.2
As long as you have set up yje conditions that make a pass up in the module it will flag that to the LMS.
I've not played with moodle for a while but as I remember you can set a number or % as a pass for the module in moodle itself or just accept the modules input. Either should then allow the certiciate to be accessed.
Post the question on the moodle forums and you'll get more information than you can handle!!
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