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Is it possible to import a SCORM file into courselab?
Thank you!!!
A SCORM package is a package containing one ore more html files, all images and other assets which are used in the package plus some xml files which tells an LMS (among others) what is in the pcakage.

SCORM relies on javascript for communication with the LMS; it communicates through several javascript functions, this is called an API.

Some SCORM packages (like CL's) have no problem if there is no API, it then just doesn't communicate with the server. Others may give loads of error messages.

Importing a SCORM package means opening the first html file of the SCORM package inside your course, f.i. inside an iframe. No API, no course results unless you make your own interface between the iframe and your own course.
As Nick pointed out in another thread, this would not be best practice.

Why not making another SCORM module to act as introduction in the module you already have?
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