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Evaluate table cells
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Hi, I need to create a table ( 4 * 10 ) in which the students must put numbers on each cell, depending on the input given by the students I must evaluate if they did put a correct value or the incorrect one, and have the total results recorded.

Does any of CourseLab objects can do this? If not, what suggestion do you have for me to do it? [:confused:]

AFAIK there is no such object. As Flash adept [;)] I would go for a flash-xml solution and use flash->javascript for passing the results to a CL variable.
Thanks barend, I shall try your solution! [;)]
Or go really simple.
Have a grid as a graphic
Have some drag and drop number sets
Evaluate the object dropped onto the cell.

If you do use flash make it FULLY compatible with player version 6 onwards. At best player 8 should be the highest you currently use.
The why is that many users will be working on corporate PC's, in my organisation we only have maybe 5% of a few thousand PCs that have better than 6.
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