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Specified message depending on test result
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I can't show different messages depending on test result (eg one message for <80%, and one for >=80%).

I tried countless different actions, among others, I tried to follow Barent's instructions of Jan 27, 2010 at 11:25. But no matter what I do, whether I insert an action "before display" on the first frame after the test, or on the test slide "on test end", I always get a dialogue "?Action: Else", and the course stops there completely. I have also tried entering blank spaces ">", between the action items, as Barent suggested, but that did not seem to make a difference.

Moreover, I tried to have the result message either on different slides, or on different frames.

Any idea how I could solve this? Thank you!
I'll send you an email; maybe I can have a look at the specified pages
I need some help with the very same thing. I keep reading the user document but can't seem to figure it out. [:confused:]
Susanne sended me a (CL-)document I changed it a bit and returned it.
If she is OK, I can send you a copy. Or Susanne sends you a copy [;)]
I would appreciate that, thanks.[:)]
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