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Spanish accents do not display once the course is exported to blackboard. I would really appreciate any help you can give me.[:)]
Did you use html entities, lik eon
This way you write с as ñ of soem code.
Hi Barend!

Thank you so much for your reply.
I have tried both:
a) changing the keyboard and typing with the keaboard in Spanish. When I did this the Spanish characters displayed in the exercise before I exported it to Blackboard. Once in BB the characters turn in to garbage.
b) I tried the method you suggested simply by typing &#241 (с) and so forth.This time the exercises never displayed the Spanish characters (not within courslab nor when they were exported to Blackboard).

I am wondering if I am missing something? Do I have to opien a particular screen to type the soem code? I just typed it on the test screen itself.

If you think of something else I should do, please let me know.

Hi Mari,
Please forget my first answer, it was the wrong one, sorry. It is for typing special characters in a html directly.

I just did a small test in CL: I typed б and с in both a question (just from the keyboard) and a text field. It was displayed right in CL, CLpreview and after publishing to a webserver.

I checked runtime.xml and the characters were there.

You might do the same to see if the characters are there before publishing to BB. If they are there somebody who knows BB (I don't) might help you.

BTW: On the computer I work, the keyboard is listed as US-international and my language is my local (NL) language.
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