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Manul for using javascript in courselab
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Hi all,
I want to use javascript in courselab
but I don't knew How.
Please I need help.
Because It is very important to me
I tryed to insert javascript codes; but it does not work.
also I read about inserting value in javascript in courselab, they were talking that you need to use (var#) ??????

Javascript you add by the Actions panel is kind of local. Have a look at runtime.xml and you know what I mean [;)]

You might write javascript in your own .js file and change start.html to add this .js file.[:cool:]
I want to add .js file .idon't know where i can put it .please any one could help me nessesary
You can put your private javascript functions in module.js file
Sara there is the manual that covers the basic functions of Courselab and yes that only hints at what you might be able to do with javascript. The reason is that Javascript is a programming language in it's own right, there isn't a magical or instant route to learning such a thing. I'm afraid you'll have to go do some research and study on this.
It also helps if you say what your problem is and what you are trying to do. For instance you might want to change the SCORM API or just have some variables that add the users name in texts or pop ups. The difference between these two things is immense and will make a real difference to the responses you get.
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