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Images not loading in pop up windows or balloons
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I'm trying to show images (jpeg) in both pop up windows and balloons but when running the module the images do not load. All images used in the slides are fine, just pop ups and balloons. Can anybody suggest why this might be happening please?
Strange ... it works here ... preview and publishing to cd.
Two thoughts:
- do you have any strange characters in the picture's names? (б, л etc)
- when placing a picture in the popup or balloon, is the picture copied (by CL) to the map '1/images'?
Thanks for the response....no, there are no strange characters in the image name and yes, the images are in '1/images'. The images display when I press F5 to view but after uploading to Moodle they don't load. I'm wondering if the problem is within Moodle maybe?
Problem solved! Image names had spaces in the titles. I removed the spaces and they are loading perfectly!
Thanks for sharing [:)]
It's usually a good idea not to have spaces in file names used on anything web based. An underscore _ is a much better option.
the why is that HTML pages tend to render a space as so at one end the page is looking for 'the picture.jpg' when the file is actually called 'the picture.jpg' so it falls over.
LOL As you see the space code is rendered as a space on the forum here. The space gets encoded on the requests from the page as % 2 0 without the spaces.
Sheesh you'd have thought I'd have learmt this would happen by now!!
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