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Do courselab generated lessons contain by default ANY flash components?
The pages Courselab generates are html based on xml data (xhtml)these display the content which can be whatever you want. Otherwise no flash is involved.

Some systems use a similar xml base but use a process that converts out to flash.

Not using flash can be helpful as you need to ensure it will work on the lowest version it is likely to find. In some corporate systems this can be archiac!! The biggest users of IE6 are corporates which usually means their player version will be old.
I downloaded a couple samples and notice a file titled agenthub.swf in the output images folder. Do you know what this is, and if it is required?


It's only 5 kB so why remove ...
It is an object to let the course send commands to the agents (you know, these animated characters) like 'smile', 'talk' etc.
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