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Passing variables to an Access DB
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Is there a way to pass variables to an MS Access DB using the javascript function?
Thanks to both you Barend and Nick. I am looking for a temp solution. Eventually we will have a real LMS.
If you are a programmer, you can.
You'll have to rewrite lms.js using an extra library, see
Having said that you can ... access??

It is appalling at multiple users, any more than 2 is asking for trouble.
The file locking is terrible and the release can be flaky.
It will mangle your data eventually.
I speak from experience here.

Even M$ don't advise using it for anything serious or for data you want to keep. Technet really reccomends that it's reasonable to use it to develop a database and the SQL queries and views, but port it out to SQL as soon as possible.

Use an SQL database or a java base like eXist
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