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ppt importer problem
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I brought powerpoint importer for couselab, but iy doesnot work, I open power point importer on tools tab then I browse and select a powerpoint document (.ppt. and when y press "next" the program still the same. it do nothing!!! I need help NOW
thanks [:)] .. and sorry about my english [;)]
I don't have the PowerPoint Importer, but you might run a few tests to see if the problem is with the importer add-on or with elements in your PowerPoint slide deck that is causing it.

I'd suggest creating a very short simple PowerPoint presentation (just a few slides with basic text and clipart images). Then attempt to import to CourseLab. If it works fine, there might be something in the specific PowerPoint presentation you have that is halting the import process. Maybe some fancy graphics, Smart Art or multi-media that is not recognized by the importer tool.
I didn't use the importer, but I did use sometimes a ppt to swf (flash) converter. maybe it can help?
Google for 'iSpring free' or similar.
I just redesign and then rebuild the pages, powerpoints are for presentations to reinforce a speakers lecture and work badly as stand alone items.
i paid around 85Ђ for power point importer... i need a solution tu fix the problem of the program... i sended an e-mail to the support but they didn answer thanks for your help[:)]
In fact, you're quite right about that [:cool:]
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