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Is there a way to add a and link CSS in CourseLab?
There is a css file images/course.css
You can have a look if you can influence the look of these tags.
Not sure, though, because many items are written bij javascript in the html. But it's worth a try [;)]
Yes, this CSS file can be used. But there's a big BUT: "whole tag" styles will be applied only if there's no styles in objects that override them (i.e. in most cases they will be overridden). You can try to use named styles (but in this case you should insert them into text object manually in HTML mode) and styles by object ID - actually object ID goes to object container DIV in runtime and some styles in object can be inherited (but in this case CSS inheritance may be overridden again).
I found it, but not sure if there is much that can be done with it.
The file course.css only applies a fix for gecko browsers.
Take a look at the xsl style sheets, these are what is used for the various drop in components. These transformation tables are what is used by the xlst processor to transform (style) the elements in the pages.
**If you don't understand the last line then DON'T mess with these files**
There are also some items built into the main course xml file itself like table containers.
I did look at these to see if there was a relatively simple way to make a floating css layout. Hacking the xsl's is reasonably straight forwards BUT all the layout components embedded into the main xml are a real pain.
Ammend one item in the module which needs a re-publish and you have to dig through the lot and rewrite the original hacks you made. I got throughly bored with it and gave up!!
Hmm ... quite interesting and a challenge ... a pity the winter is coming to an end so I have to wait 9 months for the long dark evenings ...
But asap I am going to have a look [;)]
Well, ehh ... if I add to course.css:
a {
color: lime;
a:hover {
color: aqua;
the color of a link in a textfield is changed.
Was that what you want or did you mean something else? [:)]
Reveal your secret [;)]
Where can I find these style sheets?
Yes, something like that. I was looking for a simple way to create box styles and a <ul> style with a little pizzaz! I wish I had the time, but I can't go changing the xls sheets as Nick suggested; good suggestion however.
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