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SCORM 1.2: How to save specific interaction data
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Does anyone know how to make a CourseLab course published using SCORM 1.2, save ONLY the interaction ID and LearnerResponse data in an LMS?

In other words, avoid saving interaction data like Description, Type, Weighting, Timestamp, Latency, and Result.

Hi, Dan,

Actually, CourseLab do not save interaction data in SCORM 1.2. Interactions are saved in SCORM 2004 mode only. To add this option as you need you need to modify SCORM_SaveInteractions() function in lms.js manually (at your own risk, of course [:)]).
Thanks Slav. This info may save me from wasting my time "guessing" how to modify the SCORM_SaveInteractions() function.

An alternative approach/solution I have been looking at is minimizing the amount of data stored into cmi.suspend_data.

The only data I need stored in cmi.suspend_data is the ID and LearnerResponse. So far, I have been able to prevent the following data from being saved in cmi.suspend_data: Type, Weighting, Timestamp, Latency, and Result.

There are two additional pieces of data that I want to prevent saving to cmi.suspend_data, namely the Description and something that looks like: < r r > < r p = \ " 0 \ " / > < / r r >

(just remove the spaces expect the one between the r and the p)

Do you know how this can be done?


By the way, I've posted this question with more details elsewhere in this community, the title of the post is "SCORM 1.2 and cmi.suspend_data element size limit"

Hi Dan,

I am interested in your progress with this issue, as I have similar needs. Could you share your progress and methods?


I noticed the previous posts.
It is a huge shame that people are still having to use a 9 year old standard that was replaced almost 5 years ago AND is effectively a deprecated standard.
Certainly in the US the DOD (who build the SCORM standards)have said any LMS and content they use must be 2004 compliant
The cynical amongst us might say that the suppliers really don't care that much as you will have invested in a commercial product and so are unlikely to jump ship for an LMS that is actually evolving. As long as people keep buying it they have no incentive to update.
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