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manual or instructions in German
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Can somebody help me? I urgently need a manual or instructions in German.

S. Knappe
Sorry to say there is only english Stefan.
If your english is good then you could use an online translator for the text and then correct all of the mistakes.
There is one in Dutch ... if you visited our country frequently you might understand it, but maybe Dutch is for you as difficult to read as German for us Dutch [;)]
I can ask for a beer in most major european languages which is where my linguistic skills end. So I'm no real help.
Not been to Holland for some years high note was a party in deventer and meeting anouk... cuteeeeee ;)
Some other language manuals would be really helpful but obviously they are quite time consuming to make.
Deventer ... I live only 18 km from Deventer. You should see the American Motor Museum in our village. And drink some beers there, too. Hertog Jan, one of the finest beers 'vom fass'.[:cool:]
BAd bad Barend, I'd go the beer but a bike museum would be better. The Ducati factory museum is outstanding... so many sexy bikes in one place
You'd get on well with Bram (Van Der Berg) over in Deventer.
see http://www.moween.nl/ Brams the man on guitar with the serious moustache LOL
I'm sure we'll see Bram in Raalte when we have our Ribs 'n Blues festival: http://www.ribsenblues.nl/
For the bikes, have a look at http://www.alltimers.nl/Impr_AMMH_1004/PN/p10.htm
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