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SCORM 1.2 messages seem odd
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Hi everyone,

I'm running a courselab SCORM 1.2 module on an LMS and every time I do something it pops up a window with messages like:

No error

Any idea why it's popping up windows with "No error?

It seems the popup originates in lms.js, lines 236-243.
My guess: the lms gives back an error through g_oScormApi.LMSGetLastError(); which it maybe should not do.

Somehow the lms is not happy. Why? I don't know but it might be your quest for the days to come [;)]
- You could write your own popup to check the value of g_oScormApi.
- You could use the Reload Scormplayer to check the communication with your sco i.e. to check your sco.
- You could test/check your module at http://testtrack.scorm.com/ (before use read the conditions!)
- or download the diagnostic scorm package at http://www.ostyn.com/standards/scorm/samples/proddingSCOwrap.htm and install it in your lms (not easy to use).
Thanks for your help! We were able to track it down to a bug in the LMS which has now been fixed.

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