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Test Requirement
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I am designing a course with questions in-between content sections. For example Topic 1 followed by Questions on Topic 1 then Topic 2 followed by Questions about Topic 2. How do I make it so that that student cannot progress to the next topic until they have answered the questions for the previous topic?
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Mark,

I've used the Actions for a Test Object to check the status (completed or not). If the Test is complete, then the learner can navigate to another part of the training. If the test is not complete, the navigation is unavailable.

However this is all within the same module. I have not tried to block movement between modules. I'm not even certain if that is possible.
If the topic sections are a part of the same module then I'd consider putting in an intermediate page, in the preceeding module I'd add an extra event for the on success response actions each question (The questions would need to be set to allow recurring approaches). Have this increment a variable.

At the intermediate page you can use the variable as a trigger to do what you'd like with it. Example reveal a hidden note like 'you need to score xx% before proceeding, your score is xx%' and a button to jump back to the dtsrt of the topic.
Remember to add an action to reset the variable to recount the progress through the repeated topic.
Once again this kind of interaction could be handled by SCORMs simple sequencing model which we do have in the rather inpenetrable 'task controller'. Unfortunately it's not documented but should be the tool for the job.

If you are talking about discrete and seperate moules then you need to use an LMS to allow progrssion on a given score or higher.
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