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tutorial using screen shots
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Is there someone in the community that has created a introductory level tutorial on Courselab using the screen shot and curser features? This will be really helpful.[:)]
I played with the screen image and cursor movement concept to show a simulation but honestly is it very time consuming to do in CourseLab (I don't have the simulation add-on so maybe this makes it easier/faster).

If you need to show steps in a software program I have some suggestions:
1) Use screen images and place numbers on various areas of the screen. Then include steps in text that correspond to the number on the screen shot.
2) If you really want the motion to show the software steps, you could use a tool like Jing (www.jingproject.com) or Wink (www.debugmode.com/wink) which are both free. You can then output the video to .swf and insert the video into CoursLab.

I've used both methods and both free video capture programs with satisfactory results.
I tend to use camtasia for that kind of thing, like BArend I don't have the add on.
If you want to make a 'simulation' of a screen shot just add the image then an image of a cursor. Ideally this cursor would be a transparent PNG but it's safer to use a transparent gif. Then just move it around the screen in a timed sequence of events.
More work but do-able.
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