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Question Limitation with SLK and CourseLab
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Is there a known issue with SharePoint SLK (SharePoint Learning Kit) and CourseLab regarding the Test Object?

If I create a test with 18 or fewer questions, the course will submit without a problem. If I create this same test, but use more than 18 questions (I often need a 20 question test for a course) then the user gets an error message when they click submit.

"Processing Error"
Could not set one or more variables as expected...

Any work-arounds for this? Anyone else run into this issue?
SLK is full of limitations and is not really a good choice as a substitute for an full LMS. But I imagine ou are inside a corporate structure and haven't really been given a choice in this?
I'd really advise dropping it and putting the effort into something like Moodle, Claroline or similar using a log in likned to the networks usual user details. Using LDAP on the client side is quite well documented.
I work in a big health group with 2 major hospital sites, 6 minor ones and numerous other sites, there are over 10K employees of various types. We have a common network and COIN spanning all the sites and the intranet structure is all built on MS products. A pretty standard UK NHS set up.
Did we deploy SLK?? No we have a dedicated LMS as it works far better than SLK.

You are correct. Decision was made about SharePoint SLK before I joined the project. I have to work with the limitations of SLK. I am not in a position to make the change to another LMS.

I was hoping others using the SharePoint SLK could provide a work-around for the 18 question limit issue I've encountered, confirm it's a limit (with no work-arounds), or provide me with information about what I'm doing wrong that might be causing the perceived limit (wrong publish options, wrong settings, etc...)
Hi jjtrainer,

that is a bug of an old version of slk.
I believe that in version 1.3.2 and 1.4 it's fixed.
It's a problem with the lenght of a variable. For previous versions there is a script that change the variable in the sql table.
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