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Object References
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Hi There,

I'm writing drag and drop checkpoint question functionality. I have it working, but if I want to copy the slide to use somewhere else all the objects are renamed.

This is mostly OK, although there are references to the target objects in move commands ( I use this for a sort of snap function), these retain the old names.

Does courselab support a concept such as this, or self? This would overcome the need to go into the actions when re-using the slides

Many thanks,

I had the same problemand didn't find a workaround.
Later I saw that referencing an object from another page was possible: on a slide I could show an object that wasn't on the same but on another slide. That might be the reason objects are renamed.
The objects have unique names so they will change to a new version if you clone a page. I've not really looked at this but there will be a fixed logic to the renaming which you should be able to determine which would make rebuiling a little easier.
Ignoring this unique name convention can result in some odd behaviours.
As Barend says you can reference most objects from another page, there has to be a real world use for that??
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