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Disabled buttons
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Hi Everybody!
I'm building my first course and thought I was doing well. However, a problem has appeared with my navigation buttons, which for some reason have declared themselves, disabled. I have spent hours looking for the cause and now ask for your help before slitting my wrists.

Please do no harm that way. If you did not custom-create your buttons, but, used the ones provided in CourseLab, it may be that you are using the buttons for frames on slides, using or the buttons for slides on frames. That is my guess.
Thanks Robert. Your response taught me something new in that I didn't know you can have frame and slide buttons. I'm still trying to get my head around the use of frames. I solved my problem when realising that each slide insert carries its own GOTO 'next' code. I had taken a really lazy route to building by copying and pasting slides as if in PowerPoint. So each slide was trying to go to itself. I rebuilt by inserting new slides and the navigation works perfectly. So, being much encouraged, I have decided to live a long life and discarded the sharp knife!
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