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Does the limitation still exist in v2.4, that the "Next Slide" button in the object library can only be placed on the Master Slide? It seems to work but is it unstable? The favor or a reply is greatly appreciated.
Can you describe how it is unstable? I didn't have that problem but that doesn't mean it doesn't exists.
Thanks, Barend,

The documentation (help) says that this object can ONLY be placed on the master slide.

But I can place it on a regular slide and on frames.

Why does the documentation say this?
That's a difficult question, I dunno bevause I didn't write the documentation [;)]

I suppose the standard navigation is meant to be placed on the master page so all kinds of mechanisms (recurring etc) may be triggered.
Anyhow, for 'local use' ypu can define a 'goto next slide' on any object.

Maybe Slav can anwer ... [:cool:]
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