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View/Hide slides depending On Results
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I would like to make one of the last two slides of a course I have built only visible if the learner achieves a certain score. I have been playing around with the actions on the last two slides, as well as the actions on the Assessment or questions slide, but both are still visible regardless of success or failure. If they fail the course I want them to see the first conclusion slide and if they pass the other. Can this be done? Thanks in advance.
Does thread
"How to show specified message depending on test results?"
answer your question or is it different?
[:cool:]Different -:) I want to hide the slide, not just block navigation.
To hide a slide is to skip a slide. Like in:
(slide 9:)
if (result = good) jump to slide 10
else jumpo to slide 11
(slide 10:)
button next slide: jump to slide 12
(slide 11:)
button next slide: jump to slide 12

The actions in the example do the following:
After a test you enter a slide. Before the slide is shown, the score is checked. If the score is good enough, the slide is skipped (goto next slide).
If the score is not good enough, the student stays on this slide.

When I did this (test result: good), I saw a short flash of the content of the first slide before the jump to the next slide. That's why I hide the contents of the first slide an d reveal it when the student stays on the first slide.

I hope this helps [:)]
Thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for.[:D]
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