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answer test only two times
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I will like to know how can I program a test to be answered only a maximum of 2 times, and the greater grade to be send to the LMS. My LMS is sumtotal.

Hi, Karla,

unfortunately it cannot be done easily. The general approach is to create at least 3 additional objectives, one should be used for test questions (main module objective should NOT be used in test!), 2 other will change score and status on TestEnd event manually, i.e. with actions. I.e. on the end of test raw score from "test questions" objective should be copied into first objective for first approach, second - to second, status also should be changed to mark that approach completed. On the end of second approach you should compare both objectives' score, select greater one and copy its value into main module objective.
Before entering the test both additional objectives' status should be checked, if both are completed, then test should be skipped.

Its just the general logic, realization may depend on actual module structure.

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