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good evening friends of CourseLab!

It's hard for me to grasp the concept of variables.
So far I'm able to trigger action using "CHECKHIT".
I would like to trigger actions not only when an object is hit by another or a score is less than/greater than a certain value, but also when an object is visible/hidden for example (click: object disappears - click: object reappears).
Or in other words: Can one define size, color etc. of objects as variables?
Very grateful for your hints
AFAIK it's not possible. Maybe if you dig deep into javascript ... but there seems another solution:

Define variables together with your objects and give these variables the value-to-be, f.i. myVisibility = true.
Then update the properties of your your object according to all it's variables.

This way you'll always have these values which reflect the current state.
Hi barend,
thank you for responding so quickly!
You're welcome ... [;)]
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