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question : can i create a fully interactive environement in courselab ? I'm doin my final project @ school and i am looking for a program that i can use. My aim is to create a test where users can test their knowledge about computers. By this i mean they need to be able to acces the test on the web. They need to be able to perform actions like copy - paste, i need to test their knowledge of windows so they need to be able to navigate through the different menu's. Select icons, change background for example. Can i do this all with this program ? After the test is finished the results should be send to the school. So my question is this program suited for the job ? thx
You might try using the 30-day trial verson of Captivate (http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate/). It is an expensive program (about $800 US) that companies use to create eLearning.

It has a "simulation" mode that might work for your project.

Or, you could use a free motion capture program like Jing (www.jingproject.com) and the student would capture a 5 minute on-screen video of their actions on the computer. The video (or link to the video) could then be sent to the school for review and grading.

Good Luck with your project.
I have quite some experience with Captivate. Among others it is suitable for producing straight-to-the-goal demonstrations, excercises and tests.
If that is what you need, Peter, you also might look around for similar software, f.i. Wink (freeware).
Some of the software produces swf. This kind of software enables you to edit, i.e. change backgrounds, mouse movement etc.
Some software produces flv. You can copy/paste per scene but not change individual items as mousepointer.
Thank u very much guys, i've tried captivate fot like 3 months. It was a very nice program. I made some example tests for school and they didn't say it was bad but we had to search for other options also. Courselab was one of them, together with softsim ( 4000 USD [:confused:] ), a program made in flash by BTL. It was very nice but also 8000 USD. That's just to much for a final project. There were several other options, much cheaper but with same or worse result as captivate. I tried courselab because i've seen the software demo of word, and it wasn't bad at all. But u guys would stick to captivate then ? I can do the same or better with captivate ? Is that a good conclusion ?

Thx for replies.
Sure, captivate is quite expensive but I use it a lot, there is no direct replacement.
If Captivate is what you want, I can recommend having a look at Wink. It's free, it outputs swf.
I agree with barend, Wink (http://www.debugmode.com/wink/)is an alternative for screen motion capture that you want to edit.

We've successfully used Wink screen motion captures (output to flash .swf file) embedded in CourseLab as well.
yes school can buy the program for 399 euro, that's not so expensive, let's give it a try. thank you
I've seen such thing a long time ago.
A big company made a shell between a (any) softwareprogramme. The shell checked what the user did and then handed the actions to the programme.
This shell was an extremely expensive programme.

In short: I wouldn't try it to build it in CL.

In fact, the school could expect such programme from you if it is a graduate project from a whole team [:cool:]
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