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It might be a dumb question, still I don't have the answer:
How to create simple text links?
The word "enlightenment" f.e. should serve as a link to the Wikipedia.
"actions" -> "external URL" seemingly doesn't do the trick. When I try it out the link doesn't refer to the URL but instead to my hard drive.
I produce now such a link in an external program such as frontpage and paste it. Then it works.
But is this the only possibility?
To be precise:

if, in a textfield, you type

a link is made automatically and the browser will op en the link in (I think) the same window. Your course is gone [;)]

with an action 'External URL' to 'www.google.com' the browser will search on local harddisk (at least, Firefox does) [:confused:]

with an action 'External URL' to 'http://www.google.com' the browser will open the link, I think in a new window [:cool:]
thanks for answering so quickly.
I wasn't sure that I had used the 'http://' prefix and tried again. The quotation marks made the difference: Now the link works fine.
Did you put 'http://' as prefix in your URL?
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