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Can You Shuffle Questions?
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I was wondering if CourseLab has the ability to shuffle the order of the questions in a test to a different order each time the test is re-launched?
Not built in Jay, that is planned for a future release of the english version but I think the Dev Team will concentrate on their home market first.
There is a strand on how to do this programatically, I do plan to knock up a tutorial on that when I get the time.
Barend may pop up and give you more detail on this.
*pop* ... and a happy newyear *pop*

pbhanney did a good job of shuffling questions. See thread "random question test"

To be honoust, I had a very busy time when he was dealing with this; I hardly remembered I read the thread [;)]

I'll copy the thread to my local word-doc, to save it for later or till it's a item on Nick's site [:cool:]
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