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How do I publish to my web site
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This program is nice, but how do I get my quiz on my web site.
I tried to publish it to the courselab.com and couldn't find it there eather.
If you don't use scorm or such thing, you can choose 'publish to cd', f.i. to a map 'cdContent'.
Then copy the contents of map 'cdContent' to your website and change the name of 'autorun.html' tot 'index.html'.
As Barend says use the export for CD option for the content.
Now you will want to make a folder on the server for the files to live in called whatever you like.
FTP the ready for CD content into the folder.
Now you have some options, EITHER a simple hyper link to the specific start file so you can add links wherever you want on the pages OR a link to a single start page with multiple links that starts the modules. You should include the first page as it kicks off the API wrapper and will make sure the page opens at the correct size for the content. If you are happy with html then it might be worth opening the content in a minimal new browser instance that has a fixed size and minimal controls.
There something very similar on the www.friendoscourselab.info site intermediate multimenu . This is kicking off multiple modlues from a single page, the linking detail is what you want from this.
Ehhh ... read

LOL Been a long day Barend, working to convert some very badly formed XML log files into a slightly more human readable form.
Well formed it's not, theres one tag then in that are about 25 values all tag free!! A classic example of a big multi-nationals interpretation of 'standards' :(
Maybe you already use it but I find Notepad++ with XMLTools plugin a great help dealing with xml files.
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