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i have question with 3 choices i need to do the following
if(choice 1)do something
if(choice 2 ) do something
if(choice 3 ) do something
how can i write this with actions ???
Depends of ...

if (choice1) {action1}
if (choice2) {action2}
if (choice3) {action3}

will be like

IF (choice1)
IF (choice2)
IF (choice3)
where '>' is a blank space


if (choice1) {action1}
else {
if (choice2) {action2}
else {
if (choice3) {action3}

will be like
IF (choice1)
>IF (choice2)
>>IF (choice3)
where '>' is a blank space

thanks but , i need to know how to choice id
to make acondition
if (choice 1)
what is the syntax of choice 1 ????
There are many ways.

You'd best first look in the documentation (help file) how to use Courselab variables and identifiers in an IF statement (see: actions - if).

Then I'd have a look at examples from www.friendsofcourselab.info
i have qustion with 3 choices
1- answer1
is this condition true:
Have a look at the documentation and do an experiment.

- Actions - msgbox
- Objects - Questions - Single Choice Question - scroll down

- Make an empty CL project
- Put a Single Choice question on stage, identifier 'q'
- actions of this object:
-- On Change Choice - MSGBOX(Text='$q.questionValue')
NB: case sensitive ('V'), type the text without the quotes.

Make a preview and click on a choice. You'll see the value of $q.questionValue

Thanks Alot
Error was in 'V' i wrote it 'v'[:D]
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