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How to integrate text-to-voice for questions
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Part I: I am trying to incorporate multiple choice questions through role-play. I want to activate text-to-voice for question. Did anybody try to similar thing before. Would appreciate a feedback

Part II: I cannot hear the voice for the characters. Would like to know if this feature is present inside courseLab or I need custom integration to hear the voice of character.

Peter Chanda
Esentially you want the page to ask the question as well as having the question object on the page.
Hooking into a speech to text engine isn't going to be easy on the prebuilt objects.
The simplest method will be to have the text recorded as a file and play it when the page opens. That or an obvious button to play it so it is easily repeatable.
If you put this into a time line you should be able to synch in some visual cues to show what to press.
The characters only move their mouths for the time you define. You'll have to add an mp3.
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