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Is it possible to use time to redirect users?
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The problem: Within a CourseLab module, I want users to work on specific slides/frames (that do not contain "questions" or "tests") for a pre-determined amount of time, and when the time has elapsed the users are redirected to another slide/frame. The start time for tracking the amount of elapsed time should begin at a specific slide (or frame, click of a button, etc.) and should be independent of the user's location (slide or frame) within a module. In other words, once the tracking of time begins the user should be able to navigate to different slides and/or frames while the time continues to be "tracked", i.e., accumulate.

Example (simplified) scenario: Slide 1 has 10 frames. A user is supposed to work through as many of these frames as possible within 30 seconds. When 30 seconds have elapsed, then Slide 2 should display.

Tried solutions: I have tried using the CourseLab actions DELAY and TIMER, each combined with the action GOTO. In the simplified example above, when these actions are applied to Slide 1, then Slide 2 will display after the elapsed time, but only if the user does not navigate between the frames for Slide 1. In other words, when Slide 1 first displays, the DELAY or TIMER starts "counting", but each time the user "clicks" to navigate between the frames, then the DELAY or TIMER seems to "restart".

I'm currently looking into the possibility of using the JavaScript "action" in CourseLab; however, my knowledge of Java is very limited and after multiple attempts and many hours the process has become rather frustrating.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has and can share a solution to the problem as described above.

Many thanks!!
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