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Sending score to LMS
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Can anyone tell me how to send the final score to the LMS? My LMS tells me it has no results for the user, although I completed the module.

Thank you

It should be getting the value from a variable called Total. Corselab adds this up as you go along assuming that you have defined what it is supposed to do and the status completed or incompleted for the module can be set for differnt rules you can define. For example pages 1 2 3 have been read and a score of 50% equals completed.
So each question or exercise should be told that its result is added to Total or if you have a different
You can also set your own.
This is a pretty standard variable and should work on AICC and SCORM ( usually , probably).
If it isn't being picked up it may be the settings being applied in the LMS
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