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Accessing a score through javascript
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How can I get the score through javascript? What I want to do is pass the score and other information to a web page and store the information in a database. For this I need to get the score through javascript and process the same.

Any help would be appriciated.
Have a look at thread 'random question test'. There you'll find information how to pass variables to and from javascript, using the array g_arVar

But why not use the scorm capabilities of CL?
How can I read the thread 'random question test', please? If I put 'random question test' into the search field, I never get search results nor can I go to other pages with old forum messages, not in Firefox and not in IE. I only see the actual threads on the first side (till 09. Nov. 2009 or so).
Oh sorry, the thread 'random question test' IS on the first page, I found it. But nevertheless I can't find older threads. Is there a way to read them?

and a Happy New Year 2010 to you all!

The forum's search function is broken ... sometimes I find an older thread using google:
google for your subject and add "site:courselab.com"

Happy NewYear 4u2 [:)]
Thank you, barend. Now I find messages in old threads. [:)]
Hope, someone is fixing the forum later.
You'd be better off ignoring the intermediate step of passing them to a discrete web page and push the data straight out to a database. You still need to write a connecter script.
Personally I'd probably use eXist for this with XML tables (which are easy to parse into web apps) My liking for XML tables grows as I use them.
Of course you will run into security issues especially with the current version of IE. It seems to object to doing most everything!!
I would agree with Barend, why not leverage a working technology, the SCORM API. You could mod the stand alone wrapper to push out to a db.
Or even easier use a small LMS to deliver and control, all you need to do is skin it rather than build your own substitute.
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