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Navigate Frames
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I've been trying out a whole bunch of different development programs. Just discovered courselab last week and it is probably the most powerful tool I've seen. But I'm finding the manual not very helpful and lots more How To lessons would be nice.

The problem I'm having at the moment is with frames. I have a topic with more information than I can fit on one slide, so I thought I'd make 3 frames. Here's the problem:
- The navigation from the previous slide insists on going to the last of the 3 frames (as they are displayed across the bottom of the development window), so I've had to put the frames in reverse order
- I can't find any way to navigate among the frames. I've tried adding a button and using GoTo. I've tried go to next frame, go to previous frame, go to next slide, go to previous slide, and go to FRAME_8. Nothing happens.

Any suggestions?
Hi Chris,

Frames in courselab are set as a Default to run or advance automatically the moment the slide in on Display. All you need to do is select your three frames at the bottom of CL windown and right mouse click on any of them then click on Advance and change the dropdown arrow of the Advance field from Immediate to wait for action. This way you prevent courselab from moving automatically to the last frame.
Hope this helps
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