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Sharpoint and CourseLab Content on MAC
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We have deployed Microsoft SharePoint Learning KIT as the LMS to host our CourseLab created Content.

The Content can be accessed fine via the SharePoint Sign-in Portal, selecting a module and opens up as a popup in Windows Explorer IE5, IE6, IE7 and now IE8.

My problem is that when I use any version of FireFox and Safari Browsers on my PC, I can Log-n to the SharePoint Portal, but when clicking on the Module, the Pop-UP freezes and the CourseLab content cannot be opened and viewed. All attempts to force the loading have also failed.

I believe if I can get this to work, than MAC users will be able to view CourseLab Content Hosted on a SharePoint Learning KIT Server.

Is there a fix to this or can you suggest some alternative I can try.

Hitesh Parmar
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