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Scenario character diversity
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Anyone know how to get/buy new characters, or custom characters for the scenarios.

Questions of diversity have come up.
Afaik what is in CL are the only characters.
I studied the characters but they seem quite difficult to reproduce.

First I would ask myself if I need these characters. For me, I don't think they add much up to content.

If you find yourself a Flash animator / programmer, it's not difficult to shorts with photo's and text or photo's and voice over.
Thanks, barend.
For my purpose, creating simple scenarios that support recent changes to the Family Medical Leave Act adds interest to an otherwise mundane and somewhat boring training requirement. [:)]CourseLab is a pretty good single-source solution and would rather keep it that.[;)] Your name sure looks familiar.
You're welcome [:)]

CL sure is an easy tool for making good elearning; I only meant to say for me the characters are not quite an addition.
The moving of the character easily disattracts from the text to read.
I would prefer spoken text [;)]
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