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Scoring module
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I developed SCORM 2004 module with 12 slides. I want that students visit slides from 1-10. The rule "slides visited" and objective completion status=completed, success status=passed are set. In 11 slide I use after display action with Is completion status function nad set score function. I want that student get 2 points in score if he visit slides from 1-10. This method doesn't work for me. If I visit only the 10 or 11 or 12 slide in Moodle I get 2 points and that is wrong. What I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions? Moodle report me that module is not completed yet. There is no green check mark in menu but I get 2 points.
Hi, Branislav,

have you indented dependant actions in action editor? I.e. (underscore means one tab):
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