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Maybe someone knows,

My course was uploaded to softscape apex LMS, but as I mentioned before the behaviors were strange. One of them is that the LMS automatically closes the title page of the course, and if the page is closed, then the whole course is closed.

Does anyone knows if I can insert a button in the title page that whenever I click on it then a new window (not a pop up, not next slide, a new whole frame) can be opened with the rest of the module content?

I have the same problem working with Sofstcape Apex LMS
їSomebody know how fix it? [:confused:]
Ahh it's another of those systems to deliver corporate training. For some reason they frequently say they support SCORM but are happier with AICC.
We have one where I work, I honestly could have done better with a bare server and a few CD's of OSS.

I would suggest that you raise this with the suppliers, it's the LMS that is probably unhappy with the content.
Also try generating and importing the content as AICC.
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