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Drag and drop
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I setup 5 text boxes and 10 images. I am having participants drag and drop the correct five images into the appropriate five boxes. Using CHECKHIT, I am testing for the correct drops using the following logic:

VARIABLE(Name=’ p9,Value=’1’, Scope=’current Slide’)
IF(Condition=’#p1==’1’ &&#p5==’1’ &&#p9==’1’1)
DISPLAY(Object=’OBJ_22”, Display=’show’, Effect=’Object’…
Display (Object=’OBJ_38, Display=.show’ …

Each text box has it’s own variable.

If the student gets it right, I get the appropriate object.
If not, I get no
Could you do with the standard matching pairs? You can include pics in the items ...

If not, can you isolate the problem in a one page course and post is somewhere? It's not so easy to reconstruct ... [;)]
Thanks for the reply, but I solved the problem. Just had to get one more IF statement in the right place. Will be happy to share what I did once I finish.
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