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recurring approaches test
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How can I set a test to be answered maximun 2 times. I saw the options and the default is to answer the test once, and the other one is multiple recurring approaches; but that is not what I want. I just want 2 opportunities, not several.

Thanks [:confused:],

Karla Sanchez
First impression:
I would give a try:
- go for multiple recurring
- use 'on attempt' in combination with a counter to limit to 2 tries.
Succes [:)]
Hi barend,

I already tried your response, but the Event "On Attempt" only works for each single question. I mean that this is equal to select "Number of attempts = 2" in the Limitations tab of each question in the test; still, this is not the solution that I need. [:(]

If you knew any other way to allow the test to be answered twice, I will be very gratefull. [:)]
You mean the student can do the whole test maximum twice?
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