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[Error] Module could not be opened
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Hi everyone,

I can open CourseLab, create a new course, export a newly created course, but when I try to reopen the course after I close it, I receive this error:

This module could not be opened.
Line: 3
Pos: 141
Whitespace is not allowed at this location.

I am running Windows Vista (program is running under Windows XP compability mode).

Does anyone know what this means?

Thanks in advance,

- Mike
Courselab runs fine on Vista, and 7 with no problems as far as I have noticed. I didn't find I needed to use compatibility mode, just set it to run as admin.
The error I remember has cropped up before, but errrr can't remember the post or search for it.
Thanks for the suggestion Nick, but unfortunately that didn't work. I am using an administrative account and I tried switching runtime properties back to the default (e.g. not running in compatibility mode) and that didn't seem to help.
Just a line to get this thread on top again[;)]; I'm curious if the problems have to do with the file '1.xml' and if it has anything to do with non-ASCII characters.
I had a similar issue. I opened 1.xml (in Dreamweaver or txt editor with line numbers)and deleted the offending tag that contained the line error. (This also told me what content was affected.)
That way I was able to open the module and rebuild the content. I then resaved it and it worked fine.
Hope this helped.[:)]
In map '1' is a file called 1.xml
On line three is the path + filename of this file. Maybe the error is in the filename. I would check it thouroughly.
(How do you spell this word? ;)

I am curious if there are any non-ASCII characters in the path, f.i. д or ц
Did you look on the forum for other threads with the same problem, such as: 'Error in opening a course'.
If so, was the solution helpful?
This seems to be a novel error, the other posts dealt with a semicolon in position 140 on line 3. My error is in position 141 on line three and is as a result of whitespace. I made some comments to Ashish's thread below that explains in a little greater details.
I faced the same problem but when I moved the course to another directory, it got resolved. You may try that out.
I went back and reviewed your thread regarding this issue, and it appears your situation was slightly different. My error was raised because of white-space, but yours seems to be as a result of a semicolon. I tried moving the course to another directory per your instructions and that unfortunately didn't work.

Interestingly, I downloaded the LSM test package and its source from Resources section and it doesn't seem to be prone to this type of issue. I am not sure what the underlying difference is, but when I find it, I will report back.
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