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For those who have to use M$ Sharepoint and SLK
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Well people if you are in the position where you have to use Sharepoint as a delivery platform and especially the SLK extension (unfortunate) then you will be aware that it can all be just a bit of a pain to get learning content to work reliably or functionaly.
M$ released a partial answer in the LCDS last year, this is the community version of a project for commercial release.
LCDS will produce an almost SCORM 1.2 compliant output that works with SLK. The problem with this is that the errors that M$ have written into it will cause it to fail totally on most other LMS platforms. It also ONLY works on explorer, which is a huge limitation. However it does have a reasonable basic set of tools but again there is a problem. These operate in a limited template framework. For example to make pages with mixed content you would need the SDK and create new template pages.
Try it and see how it stacks up against Courselab. A nice try but I know which I will keep using. :)
I have a customer that is set on using SLK. I am attempting to convince them to do otherwise. If you could provide me with some quick pain points that I could pass on it would be a big help.

It's so good I just uninstalled it
Thx for warning ...
I am always eager to know e-learning software, espec. when it's free [:D] but now I will not try this one.
Apart from that, it doesn't seem WYSIWYG. One of my clients use expensive system of this kind, but I like the CL (and some others) approach.
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