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Trojan Horse detected after CourseLab Install???
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Has anyone ever seen Symantec Antiv Virus software detect a trojan horse in the file MsiIcon.exe after installing CourseLab 2.4? I have two co-workers who have attempted to install the program, and they receive the error within 1-2 minutes of installing CoursLab.
One more detail to go with this issue: Along with the MsiIcon.exe file being quarantined and subsequently deleted, the desktop icon is not correct. Instead of the red CourseLab icon, it has a generic icon from the Windows icon collection instead... Wierd...
This isn't uncommon, it's the heuristics in many AV programs that pick this up. If you were able to search the forum you'd see that this has happened before a few times and has always been the AV seeing a file fragment it doesn't like.
It's happened before here and will happen again.
Remember AV software IS NOT DEFINITIVE, the heuristics are NOT AT ALL DEFINITIVE.
They see a pattern that 'LOOKS LIKE' and flag it 'AS' and as the set up is out of the box to defend the terminally stupid they tend to automatically quarintine any suspect file. This is the same as you having say a screwdriver in your pocket and the police saying Ahh look a car thief.. Might be and equally might not be true.!!
What should then happen is you have the option to continue use a file IF it is from a trusted source.
Automatically deleting a file is not a good thing, MS have been known to add routines to downloads and updates that trip off AV's and that if it is a critical system update can really ruin your day/OS/Software.
Try downloading the test file from http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm it's a harmless file made in notepad. Your AV will love it and flag all sorts of things that don't exist.
Uhh the desktop icon would be missing, you let the AV delete it!!
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