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Hello: It must be a silly question but I do not know how to delete a course...Thank you.
Francisco Skala.
Oh, well
part 1: not advisable but possible: format your harddisk [;)]
part 2: delete the .wcl file, the .xml file, map 'courseimages' and map 1.
Thank you barend for your prompt answer. But I still have doubts. You stated as a joke to format the hard disk, but as the course reside in the CourseLab website, the course will remain there!!! Anyway, I will delete the files you told me, but please, after that, must I reload the course again to the website? Thank you again barend.
One more ... [:cool:]
uploading an empty course with the same name doens't help you ... both courses will be visible in 'Storage'.
Hello Barend: I am still fighting to delete the course from the server. I was thinking to use an axe or perhaps a screwdriver would be enough... I am sure there must be an easy way. I followed your advise but the curse is still there. I will keep you informed. Thank you for the present.
That's what I meant to say, you cannot delete a course. The only hope you can have is to deny access to everyone.

It seems websoft has it's own servers so you'll have to take some days off.

I would go for the screwdriver because I'm sure you'll never get an axe in the plain to Moscow. Doubt if you succeed with the screwdriver. A cup of coffee should do as well, if carefully placed inside the server.

When you arrive in Moscow, don't let the taxi driver charge you $ 100 or more, he will try to. There is a nice hotel next to the Red Square. If you like McDonalds, it's in the neighborhood. Personally, I don't.

Do take the metro, some of the stations are beautiful, if I remember well the round (circle) line. First go to Dobryninskaja and change to the circle line. Afterwards continue from Dobryninskaja to Sevastopolskaja.
You have to change metro there but only to Nagatinskaja, then you're close to Varshavskaja.

Say hello to Slav [;)], ask Alexey to use a better picture for eLearnExpo and bring a razor for Vladimir [:D]

Or try to add Pavel at linkedin, maybe he can help you [:cool:].

Just joking, I ended work and wanted o do nothing productive ... [;)]
Hello Barend:
I like your sense of humor... In fact you DID! something productive, your description sparked my imagination to find something to do while the course is taken off in a month as I marked. Anyway I did what you said. Meanwhile, I will go to Moscow but instead of going to the hotel next to Red Square, I will go to Siberia and rent a small wooden house in the forest. So at night I will go with my Remington 44 rifle to hunt a bear. If I am lucky, I can hunt a 350 kilos bear and make a fire to roast it. It can be bad for my cholesterol but as it is snowing and -30 degree temperature nothing wrong can happen to me. As it seem to be that you know Russia, what do you think about my plans to forget about the course is till in the server? Thank you for your advice. Next time someone ask for advice how to delete a course I will say: go to Siberia, there are no McDonals, just hung a bear and...
Thank you again Barend!!!Sometimes is good to do something different when we are stuck and do not know where to go. Francisco.
I forget the link. The recepy is on
Don't forget to keep the gall bladder so you can sell it later.. Chinese medicine
Hello Nick James: I did not know what is a gall bladder, my native language is Spanish (it is not an excuse)I thought it was a piece of hardware of the computer so as I wanted to keep your advise I searched in Wikipedia and this is what I found:
"The gallbladder is a hollow organ that sits in a concavity of the liver known as the gallbladder fossa. In adults, the gallbladder measures approximately 8 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter when fully distended.[2] It is divided into three sections: fundus, body, and neck. The neck tapers and connects to the biliary tree via the cystic duct, which then joins the common hepatic duct to become the common bile duct"
OK, at first I wanted to use an axe and a screwdriver to remove a course I have uploaded to the server but it didn't work. Mr Barend recommended me a recepy and use a dutch oven to cook the bear that I am planning to hunt. Now you recommend me to sell my gall bladder, mmmmm, I will not do that. Yet.Thank you Nick anyway.
"Once upon a time, there was a man whose name was Barned who was sitting under a tree telling the following story to his grandson: I have been teaching all my life how to build an e-learning course. I was considered one of the best in that field. I have traveled many times to Russia for lectures. But one day, someone from Argentina, asked me for advice telling me that he wanted to used an axe and a screwdriver to update his course in the server. Far from telling him some harsh words, I started with patience to talk about my trips and recommended him how to cook a bear and that kind of things, just to drive him wisely to the right place, suspecting that he belonged to a society that thinks that they are very wise and they are the best of the world. And I was right, he lived in Argentina and the best mirror of that people is Maradona, whose lately words describe their behavior. But the person who had asked me the question, started to think that he was wrong and searched on internet about my profile and realized who I am and begged my pardon about those nonsenses he had said. So, when you will meet a strange person, first try to find out who he is, and with patience you will know"
Thank you Barend for your patience an thank you Mick for your witty advice. Now I know that I can ask questions in this forum, and in some or other way I will find an answer.

Hey, Fransisco, that's a good idea. I like to go to Chelyabinsk before going further into Siberia, I know a video editor over there.
I was in Nizhni Novgorod several times (former Gorki) giving lectures and practice on video, and had a overnight everytime, in Moscow. Of course I saw as much as possible of the city. And of course google and google maps helped me a lot with the description how to reach Websoft and some people who work in the company.

For your bear meat, I just found a recepy which lowers the cholesterol. Being Dutch, I;m proud to say you have to use a Dutch Oven. Sorry, dunno what that is [;)]
I downloaded the LMS test package from CL and uploaded it.
In 'Files' I don't see the course but in Storage I see an X which doesn't seem to work. Oh, it says 'currently under construction'.
If you click on the name of the course, you might uncheck 'course is public' and make the duration short. Dunno if it has any influence.
I could upload a non-empty file with the same results: don't see it in 'Files', cannot delete it.

Maybe Slav can help you ...
Oh, you mean a published course ... yes, now I understand your question [:p]
You should ask the websites owner.

I had a short look, I would think under 'files' you should be able to delete the courses files on the server, but I'm not sure.
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