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Problems in Firefox
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We have created a course in CourseLab 2.4, published it in HTML and put it on the internet.

When we use browser Internet Explorer it works fine. But when we use browser Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5.3) to see it, it doesn’t work at all. When we click on Next, the message "NextSlide:undefined appears". We have set "Strict navigation mode".
But that’s not all.
Pictures coming up with an effect (wipe out for example) aren’t visible. Pictures showing comments when putting the mouse on a certain place don’t work properly etc. etc.
In fact we can’t offer this course to our customer.

Our question is: what do we have to do to make it work in Mozilla Firefox and other browsers?
P.S. If we publish the course SCORM 1.2/2004 we get the same errors.

Thanks for your h
I had the same problem with the same error message "NextSlide:undefined" thing going on. To fix it I just installed the windows media player plugin for FF and that fixed it. Hope it helps
You have a link?
Personally I don't have these problems so they should be solvable (is that the right word?).
Hey Barend I wouldn't charge more than $100 an hour for contract work like this ;) or a free beer if I was ever over that way.
What's your going rate!!

Some of the image issues will be layer based, try bringing the images to the front.
Hello Barend, Nick and others. I have some links.

Use the link https://files.itslearning.com/data/477/C383/CourseLabRussianI/1/start.html
and you’ll see a part of the course “Russian” I took from the CourseLab site. Start the course.
Click in the first slide “First words I” on TOMAT and in Internet Explorer you’ll hear “tomat”. In the next slide: same situation. It works fine.
In Firefox I don’t hear anything. And sometimes I can’t go back or forward or I get the message “Previous slide undefined”.

Use the link https://files.itslearning.com/data/477/C383/CourseLabRussianII/1/start.html
Click in the first slide “First words I” on TOMAT and in IE you’ll hear “tomat”. Go to the next slide and you’ll here automatically “tomat”. Because of the “playback automatically” option I activated.
In Firefox again I don’t hear anyting AND when I go from slide 1 to slide 2, I get the message “ShowObject: undefined” or “Next slide undefined”.
Who can explain why all works fine in IE, but not in Firefox? The CourseLab site says that all works w
The next course behaves on my system (using FF) exactly the same as the first.

IE behaves as you describe, I autohear 'Tomcat'.

I think the differences are in different plugins which have to be installed in FF and are installed in IE by default.

Maybe you can influence the way FF plays back the mp3 by experimenting in courselab.js line 5531.
Now it says
Yu could try (f.i.!)

(... a minute later ...)
No, x-mplayer seems the right mimetype as I read on

Maybe try embedding your mp3 in an swf?
Hi hdr,
first part first [;)]
When I open the first course in FF, I get a message I don't have Windows Mediaplayer installed. Of course it is on my computer but it is right it is not 'installed' within FF. I IE it in kind of installed by default.

Nevertheless, I can go back and forth in this course and hear the sounds. I don't get the error message and I listened every word at least three times. (Listen to word -> other page -> listen -> other page etc).

It is possible your FF not having the suggested plugins generates the error messages later in the course.
Chances are on a Mac you get similar errors.

My experience is, flash is better accepted among browsers.

On to the next course. Will I ever speak fluent Russian? [;)]
My problem is, solvability in Dutch means if a company can still pay the bills [:D]. I was hesitating what 'solvable' means ...

I don't use effects for showing a picture but I do use FF (and IE) to test. I had a problem last week and solved it [;)] by removing an action from 'before display' and adding it at 'after display'.
Which makes me think maybe it's a timing problem ...

For the problem with the effect of the image I would make one page with one image and test it in IE and FF. Maybe such an effect is IE specific??
Solvable or soluble, depends where in the world you are mostly. Either way it's understandable.

hdr it's often helpful to be able to see what is going on and what is going wrong. For example "Pictures showing comments when putting the mouse on a certain place don’t work properly" are you using actions, say an on-mouseover show a text block that is hidden, maybe an on-mouseover to trigger a pop-up
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