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AICC level -API or -HACP?
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Which flavor or AICC level of compliance does CourseLab publish, AICC-API or AICC-HACP? Our PeopleSoft ELMs needs to know.[:confused:]
Give them a sample, it's in the way the files are written and more importantly communicate with the LMS. As you are the customer and they are the contracted provider they ought to resolve this question for you rather than trying to baffle you with BS you don't want or need to understand. I assume the state of Georgia is paying for this LMS so it's a support issue that resides with them.
Other than the often large costs and time taken integrating with other systems I've not heard too much about the oracle peoplesoft LMS that's good or bad. It's mostly neutral which I tend to interpret as not particularly good.
I know they after Oracle took them over they had to get in a contractor to get any kind of realistic interaction tracking working. It mostly works but is a bit flawed. It'll probably cause them some real problems when or if they try to seriously update the system.

Hey I'm wandering off your question, the main highlights of AICC appendix A comms are:
** "Files" are packaged as a web page form result and are "posted" to the server
** The course can report results or can request information from the server
** Server responds with a "plain/text" message in the form of an AICC "file"

So the actions it takes are kind of defined and looking at the servers (the LMS) interactions ought to fully resolve which standard is used.

HACP can be prone to 'cross-domain' security issues, I've not seen this so I'd be thinking that Courselab uses AICC-API. The JS API and use of XML tend to support that.
A lot of people still like AICC, it is secure among some of it's good points but does lack lots of the new bells and whistles in SCORM. Hey it does date from 1998.
The new proposed AICC PENS does look very promising though but will have a hard job catching up with SCORM due it's widespread adoption as the defacto standard by some of the global big movers such as the US military and government, the majority of big education institutions etc.
Failing that Slav and the Dev team do check the stuff here fairly regularly so they ought to be able to tell you which standard is used.
Thanks, Nick. You are right on.
I just cannot understand why they can load and lauch a simple course from ELMS, but have so much difficulty having the course post anything to ELMs, much less save bookmarks. As a non-programmer, I can see the .au file is pretty much straight forward. (had to tweak it a bit in notepad, though --at their request.) Once users launch it, ELMS indicates that the course is completed. How hard should this be for a high falutin' LMS in 2009?
I'd imagine that it will be AICC-API only because HACP can be a proplematic in real world use.
The general idea of ELMS is that you use it to generate and play content as a one-stop solution. That it can tie into a other systems specifically HR makes it appeal to employers or organisations whose main interest is in delivering statutory requirements rather than good blended or full e-learning material.
I find it very impressive that your support people get you to modify files yourself!! Given that they told you what to do it would have been as easy to do it themselves, or are they that busy??
On the "How hard should this be for a high falutin' LMS in 2009", for a current generation LMS no problem LOL
On the LMS my hospital uses the support guys & gals have told me from the outset I was basically on my own producing content. Their brief is to deliver statutory training materials not learning. I imagine it's a similar situation to yours.
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